Dr. Donna SchaperGrace at the Table is a blog by Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper about finding daily food that is both interesting and fair to the world and earth that made it.

It is an advocacy of a kind of eating, slowly, with friends, aware of who made the food, who will clean up, where the food was first a seed or farmed.

Grace at the Table proclaims, loudly, that a kind of church can be found when we are thoughtful about the how and why and where we eat. And with whom.

The big idea here is that the big idea is a small one. It involves our tables and our prayers at those tables. Were we to pray at the lunch or dinner table, we would be different people, less enslaved to what somebody else wants us to do next or wear next or be next.


I believe that when the elephants fight, the grass suffers. My usual language is Christian but I call myself a post denominational person.

I am the senior minister at Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village.  Our church is a little weird and different. It is a place where, mercifully,nobody is that impressed if you are queer. It is instead a time/space of good coffee, cool people, hot church.  We have a good time, know pleasure when we see it and we know how to give; to each other and our community.

I am also a grass roots organizer, an author of more than 31 books, a wife, a mother, a grandmother.  I counsel people.  I am in love with food and earth and eating and community. Please join me.